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Are E Cigarettes Harmful To Your Health?

E cigarettes are gaining popularity everywhere. As they do, health organizations, communities and non-smokers alike are raising concerns about the devices. These cigarette alternatives are purported to be safe unlike their traditional counterparts, but are they? More and more cities are banning the e cigarettes from being used in public places and are citing them as products that lure young people dangerously into the world of nicotine addiction, but are they really so bad?

What Are E Cigarettes?

They are electronic devices that look like traditional cigarettes. Some devices look more like jump drives you can insert into a computer to add storage. These e cigarettes are battery powered and deliver vapor to the user. The vapor is driven by an internal atomizer that converts a liquid the user inserts into the vapor, which looks like smoke but dissipates quickly a lot like steam does when it comes from a tea kettle that has been removed from a stovetop burner.

The liquid that is used can come in flavors like orange, raspberry or something more exotic. The application of an e cigarette is akin to that of a traditional hookah, used for centuries in the Middle East and other areas of the world. It is the liquid that causes the health concerns for many non-smokers and other health organizations because it often contains nicotine. The concern is that when a smoker exhales, the vapor containing the nicotine is going to affect other people in a second-hand fashion.

Are E Cigarettes Dangerous?
The World Health Organization has yet to prove that the devices themselves and the vapor that is emitted from them harms the smoker or those around the smoker. Many cities and communities want to exercise caution and want to treat them as unsafe just in case it is ever found that the vapor is harmful to a person’s health.

Some people find the devices to be helpful when quitting smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes and the smoke they emit have been found to contribute to lung cancer and mouth cancer, among other things because of the tar in the smoke that is a carcinogen. Nicotine is an addictive substance, which causes a regular user to withdraw uncomfortably when that user discontinues using it suddenly.

While e cigarettes sometimes contain the addictive nicotine substance, many users find that because they do not contain the carcinogens cigarettes do, they are safe alternatives for weaning themselves off cigarettes until stopping altogether. These users find that the e cigarettes are no more harmful than nicotine gums or patches.


While the evidence is still coming in, there is no real determination that e cigarettes are more dangerous than regular cigarettes. They may be harmful to young people who are curious about smoking and can still purchase the items easily, unlike traditional cigarettes or tobacco products. For the youngsters, another concern is that e cigarettes may lead to the use of real cigarettes, which have been proven to be harmful to one’s health.

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